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You can read all about making, say, a bookshelf or bowling, but unless you’ve actually done it, you don’t really know how it works. That’s the idea behind [codecrafters-io] Build-Your-Own-X GitHub repository. It is a collection of software projects from around the Web that offer “step-by-step guides for recreating our favorite technologies from scratch.”

What can you find there? Well, how about writing your own version of Git itself? Or maybe you’d like to dive into a physics engine, blockchain code, or a text editor. Then there’s our favorite: an operating system.

Since these are collected from around the internet, the quality might vary, of course. But there are many gems. For example, writing a 3D renderer to match Wolfenstein looks pretty good. The video about producing a chess engine looks great, but we will admit we didn’t make it through the 96 videos. Make your own blog in PHP might not be the most interesting to us, but we bet someone will enjoy it.

There are some old favorites, too. Jones on Forth makes an appearance as does From Nand to Tetris. Something for everyone. We didn’t, though, see any of our projects on the site. We were hoping some of our mbed, FPGA, or interrupt handler stuff would have popped up.

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