How to delete your Instagram account from the app on iOS?

Instagram tries to keep pace with any of the operating systems it works with, so this time it will also comply with the Review Guide requested by the Apple App Store. Now any user can easily delete their Instagram account, all from the iPhone app. It should be noted that this action was fully possible, however it was more complicated to carry out.

Why introduce this option?

The information was provided by TechCrunch. The medium indicates that this social network, part of Meta, now allows users an option to delete or deactivate their Instagram account for iOS. The reason was to comply with the requirements of the Apple App Store review requirements. In the stipulations it happens that all the apps They have to give the user the opportunity to create an account, they also have to grant the function of deleting it whenever they want and within the app.

An Instagram insider made his own statement regarding the official Instagram post where they indicate this important change. In it, it expresses the diversity that the app wants to offer for a better experience during the period that they use it. So the best option, he says, was to introduce the account delete tool directly in iOS Settings. This way you can easily deactivate the account, in case you don’t want to delete it completely.

This is how you delete your Instagram account in the app with iOS

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You just have to follow the steps so that you can correctly delete your Instagram account with the app from your iOS device:

  • Start by opening the Instagram application, then touching the section of your profile.
  • Once there, you have to choose “Account”, then click on “Delete account”.
  • With this process, the application will tell you if you want to deactivate or simply delete your account, giving you the option to choose which one.
  • In addition, the social network tells you that if you choose the option to delete your account, You can still try to get it back within 30 days.

TechCrunch also dictates that some other applications like WhatsApp belonging to Meta will be aware of what Apple stipulates. While Spotify and Telegram have not decided to comply with this policy.

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