How to get free fries on National French Fries Day

Free fries, anyone?

Fast-food joints including McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King are giving away piles of french fries on Wednesday, which is National French Fries Day in the US — with a few caveats.

At McDonald’s, hungry customers have to download the Golden Arches’ app to claim their fries (and no purchase is necessary, either).

McDonald's french fries under a heat lamp.
McDonald’s is giving away free fries to people who have downloaded its mobile app.
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A Wendy's container of French fries.
Wendy’s is offering free fries all week long.
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McDonald’s is also sweetening its deal for the entire month, offering free 10-piece chicken McNuggets for anyone who downloads its app.

Wendy’s got an early start on the massive giveaway, allowing customers to order free fries all week as long as they make one purchase on the Wendy’s mobile app.

Today Wendy’s is being extra generous, allowing customers to order any size of French fries while other days this week are limited to a medium or small portion of spuds.

A container of Burger King fries.
Burger King’s deal is only for its loyalty member.
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French Fries in a deep fryer basket.
Free food is seen as a way to entice customers to download restaurants’ mobile apps.
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Burger King’s offer is more exclusive. The fast food chain is limiting the fries giveaway to its Royal Perks members, upgrading diners a free order of Chicken Fries as long as they purchase $3 worth of other food.

Other chains, including Fatburger, Elevation Burger, Sonic and Hardees are also giving away fries with the purchase of an item.

Fast food restaurants are in a race to get their apps on customers’ phones where they can promote their menu at strategic times, including the launch of a new menu item or even when customers might be near a eatery.


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