The Secret to Find Wealth in a Property Close to Hot Spring Waters

In Costa Rica, natural hot spring waters can be found in many areas near volcanic regions and are often surrounded by tropical rainforests, providing an additional dose of minerals and pristine springs. In recent years, private companies have been buying properties around these hot springs, making it difficult to find cheap or free access to enjoy the hot spring waters, especially in the touristy area of La Fortuna of San Carlos.

Owning a piece of land near these hot spring waters in the tropics can be a privilege, as prices are increasing. There are still a few spots in Costa Rica where one can own a small or large property next to hot spring waters. Many of the well-known hot spring waters in Costa Rica are surrounded by hotel and spa facilities that have been established for many years, providing artificial hot tubs to store the flow of hot and refreshing water that is diverted from the original source.

Hot spring therapies are becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rican vacations and travel activities. Most of the hot spring water locations in Costa Rica are natural wonders, with some popular tourist destinations offering well-developed hotel facilities in the Arenal volcano area, surrounded by rainforest scenery and the impressive Arenal volcano.

The origins of hot spring waters are from the underground heating from deep water strings and hot rocks heated by the internal magma of volcanoes, and when they emerge, they are combined with the cold springs of the rainforest. Fortunately, there are some hot springs in these areas that have suitable temperatures for use in tourist attractions and natural healthy treatments and therapies for everyone.

For those interested in creating profitable hot spring facilities, it is important to find the right location, and the most closely guarded secret is to find these hot spots in the area of Venecia of San Carlos in Costa Rica. In Venecia, there are a few hot spring water locations that are very accessible to the population and relatively inexpensive compared to those in La Fortuna, which is located 2.5 hours away by car. The price of land in Fortuna can be as high as $200 or more per square meter, while in Venecia it is less than that.

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