Keanu Reeves Exchange with Young Fan at Airport Goes Viral

Keanu Reeves‘ politeness and kind gestures have been widely reported over the years. From giving away millions to helping his John Wick Crew move and even giving up his seat on the subway, many people claim he is, in fact, the absolute nicest. A while back, the 57-year-old appeared on the 100th episode of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook series Red Table Talk. A fan kicked things off by asking Reeves,

“Keanu, everyone says you’re Hollywood’s nicest guy, and you’re such a giving person. What do you do to give to yourself?”

The Speed The actor looked bashful and laughed before doubling over to hide his face and shook his head. Pinkett-Smith giggled and patted her Matrix co-star on the shoulder while an article headline from The New Yorker popped up that read: “Keanu Reeves is too good for this world.” Reeves is making headlines again after TV producer Andrew Kimmel will witness and shared a conversation between Reeves and a young boy while at the airport.


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Keanu Reeves Turns One Trip into an Experience of a Lifetime

Andrew Kimmel tweeted:

“Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today. A young boy asked for an autograph at baggage & then began to fire off a series of rapid-fire questions. Keanu happily responded to every single one…”

Kimmel transcribed the conversation as seen below:

Kid: Why were you in London?

KR: Filming a documentary.

Kid: I saw online you were at the Grand Prix (pronouncing the x)

KR: Yes, the Grand Prix (in a French accent, without correcting him. F1! Race cars!

Kid: Do you drive?

KR: Not F1, but I like riding motorcycles.

Kid: Do you live in NY?

KR: I live in LA

Kid: How long are you gonna be in New York?

KR: Four days! No…five. Five days!

Kid: Why are you in NY?

KR: Gonna see a Broadway show!

Kid: What Broadway show?

KR: American Buffalo. Mamet.

Kid: Where are you staying in NY?

KR: Midtown.

By this time, the boy was running out of questions, so Reeves started grilling him, “Why were you in Europe? What galleries did you go to in Paris? What was your favorite?” Kimmel admitted to geeking out and managed to capture a selfie of himself with the likeable A-lister.

Reeves is currently working on a docuseries about the 2009 Formula 1 season and is alleged to have met with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige last year about potentially making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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