NASA to reveal first full-color images this week

NASA is set to release its first full-color scientific images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope Monday and Tuesday.

Why it matters: This long-awaited milestone will set the stage for the rest of the $10 billion telescope’s mission to rework our understanding of how the universe evolved from the earliest galaxies to today.

Driving the news: President Biden is expected to unveil the first full-color photo on Monday at 5pm ET, and NASA will release the rest of the images on Tuesday at 10:30am ET.

  • You can watch live coverage of both announcements via NASA TV.
  • NASA has already released some early alignment images taken by JWST, but this week’s photos will be the first full-color photos that will show what the telescope can really do.

What to watch: The images are expected to put the JWST’s wide range of scientific goals on display.

  • The first batch will reveal the fine details of star formation, an exoplanet’s atmosphere, an incredibly deep image of the universe, a cluster of galaxies and more, according to NASA.

The big picture: The JWST is expected to change everything about how scientists understand the early history of our cosmos.

  • By using infrared light, the telescope will be able to cut through cosmic dust and see farther into the past than ever before, revealing the first galaxies and stars to form in a nascent universe.


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