New VALORANT bundle features dual-wielding knives

VALORANT is introducing a new concept to its weapon skins by adding dual-wielding knives in its latest Egyptian-themed bundle.

The Sarmad bundle will be the next to hit the VALORANT shop and will feature a new skin for the Vandal, Phantom, Frenzy, and Specter, in addition to the Blade of Serket. Unlike other melees, these blades take two hands to equip and curve downwards.

These skins look like they come straight from the tomb of a pharaoh with their golden exterior with green and red accents. Each weapon skin also comes with a different animal head at the back, inspired by Egyptian deities such as Anubis and Bastet, which are represented in the Vandal and Frenzy skins.

This bundle is rumored to be priced at 1,275 VALORANT Points ($19.99) per skin, making it Deluxe tier and more affordable than others. The last Deluxe bundle to hit the VALORANT shop was the Titanmail collection, which was released on May 10 alongside Patch 4.09. With these skins being Deluxe, there seems to be no animations or upgrades available to purchase. But one VALORANT The leaker revealed that the Blade of Serket should have one additional level. This is often the case for Deluxe bundles since they are cheaper in price, meaning there is a lack of customization than bundles that have a higher price tag.

The Sarmad bundle should hit the VALORANT servers to be purchased at 5,100 VP ($49.99) when the Prelude to Chaos bundle leaves the shop on July 12.

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