Resident Evil Village Getting Massive $1500 Lady Dimitrescu Statue


If you’re among the many fans of Resident Evil Village’s super-tall villainess Lady Dimitrescu, PureArts and Capcom have a treat for you.

If you’re among the many fans of Resident Evil Village’s super-tall villainess Lady Dimitrescu figure manufacturer PureArts and Capcom have a treat in store for you.

A new statue portraying Lady Dimitrescu in all her majesty has been made available for pre-order today.

The state is massive due to her 1/4 scale, which means she is nearly three feet tall. To be precise, she stands at 35 inches or 89 cm depending on your measuring system of choice.

While we shouldn’t question a lady’s weight, for the sake of the resilience of your favorite cabinet, you may want to know that she weighs a whopping 13 pounds (6kg).

Depending on how menacing you want her to be, you can display her with her cigarette holder or her extended claws.

She comes with a custom-tailored dress, synthetic hair, a removable hat, and a classy base in faux wood and marble.

The price is certainly as impressive as the statue itself, as the standard edition (limited to 666 units) will cost you $1,500. On the manufacturer’s own store you can get one of the 100 units of the “Exclusive Edition” which includes a replica of the key to Castle Dimitrescu.

Below you can check out a trailer, a bunch of screenshots, and a summary of what you’ll be getting should you decide to add Lady Dimitrescu to your figure collection.

  • Massive 1/4 Scale sculpt with hyper-detailed skin textures and sculpted details
  • Synthetic pre-styled hair and removable hat
  • Custom-tailored and weathered dress
  • Two hand poses included – Claws extended and cigarette holder pose
  • Faux wood and marble base
  • Limitaion: 100 PureArts Exclusives featuring the Metal Key Replica + 666 Standard
  • Shipping: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand

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