Riders Republic to feature in-game climate change events –

Ubisoft’s Riders Republic (and Skull & Boneswhen it comes out) will feature events that depict climate change issues.

As reported by Axios, there will be an event in Riders Republic, later this year or early next. It will require players to cooperate in order to stop a forest of sequoia trees from burning.

The games won’t give any advance warning of these events, either. Ubisoft has said, in a statement:

“Instead, they will be immersed immediately in the consequences of wildfires on the outskirts of the map when booting the game.

When it comes to Skull & Bonesthe studio’s upcoming pirate game, Ubisoft will represent the issue of overfishing:

“Our first activation will address resource exploitation, showing what happens in the game world and the real world when the demand for sharks’ fins results in the overfishing of sharks.”

It’s a noble idea. And Ubisoft says it wants its efforts here to inspire people’s action outside of games:

“We hope that this further instills in our players greater motivation to take part in a real-world community challenges that reward humanity.”

Riders Republic came out last year, on consoles and PC. And Skull & Bones may well be out on November 8th, but we don’t know that for sure.

Riders Republic

on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

Release Date:

28 October 2021

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