Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest Review

It is no secret that the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 was one of my favorite gaming chairs from the last year. It provided a great chair that struck the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. The CloudSwap armrests were one thing that felt ripe for innovation, giving gamers new ways to customize their chair in some exciting years. Now looking at the Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest, that promise is paying off in some truly plushy ways.

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Let’s get it out of the way that the PU-coated foam armrests the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 comes with are great for most people’s needs. They are comfortable, study and look great while in use. That being said, I loved the Memory Foam pillow the Evo 2022 came with, so the change to have that level of comfort in the arm felt like an exciting prospect.

“Looking past the soft velour, the inner PlushCell Memory Foam is the real selling point here.”

In typical Secretlab fashion, the PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest box was sleek and showed off all the features gamers could look forward to when installed. In the box you will find the manual sheet, the armrests, and not much else. Thankfully the CloudSwap tech makes switching to the new armrests a trivial task, and involves you just pulling the old armrests, and dropping the new ones on with the help of the magnets. It should take most people less than five minutes, and you will be ready to enjoy your new purchase.

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Once installed, the new velor cover is instantly noticeable compared to the harder top of the PU coated foam on the stock offering. It feels soft to the touch, giving your chair a much more lush feel that works with the way the Evo 2022 is designed. I am a bit concerned about how well the soft velour will hold up to the standard threats of food or other spills, but that is a fear with any cloth based gaming product.

Looking past the soft velour, the inner PlushCell Memory Foam is the real selling point here. Used on the standard magnetic pillow, the Memory Foam is dense enough to give support, but soft enough to never feel unwieldy or to cause unneeded pressure while in use. It works well, especially if, like me, you rest on your elbows while writing or gaming. The PU coated foam was not bad while used this way, but once you have experienced the PlushCell Memory Foam, it is hard to go back.

This extra softness on these Secretlab armrests has been very useful, especially when gaming or writing. When sitting and diving into a late night game of Fortnite, the last thing you want to see is needing to stop due to pressure, and these armrests help immensely. Don’t get me started on how much better these have been for writing, the difference is night and day for the time I have been testing them.

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Under all this comfort, there is a high-density support plate that should ensure it still retains firmness, and lasts while in use. Secretlab has found a great balance here, giving the new Secretlab armrests a good level of support that should help with pressure while still acting as supportive armrests you can use for work, gaming or just lounging around.

Coming in at $99, this is a fair upgrade for people that already own a chair in the TITAN Evo 2022 range. It feels notably more comfortable, and looks fantastic, especially if you have one of the darker cloth options. Available in Black, Pink, and Silver, the PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest is a very interesting option, and an ideal choice for people that want an extra layer of luxurious comfort that the standard foam does not match.

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