The Life of Jane Foster

In her sixty years in Marvel comics, Jane has of course encountered strange occurrences, and, in some cases, has been pulled towards them. She has loved, fought, persevered, and picked up some things—knowledge of other realms, mythical hammers, etc. Not familiar with the doctor’s history? Well, you’re in luck! We’re taking a deep dive into Dr. Jane Foster’s comics history to show you her evolution from Thor’s love interest to becoming the Mighty Thor.


Jane’s first appearance was in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #84 as a nurse for Dr. Donald Blake, the human host to Thor. She had feelings for both Blake and the God of Thunder, not realizing that they were one in the same. Eventually, Blake revealed his secret to her in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #124 because Jane was tortured by his continuous and sudden disappearances. (Thor’s reveal greatly displeased his dad Odin!) Jane would later visit Asgard in THOR (1966) #136, as Thor wanted to marry her. Odin granted her immortality, but she doesn’t keep it for long. After failing a test created by Odin, she lost her immortality and all her memories of Thor and Asgard. Rough. She was then sent back to Earth, where she met Dr. Keith Kincaid.

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