Twitch testing new way to let users discover channels

San Francisco, Jul 3 (IANS): Streaming platform Twitch is likely testing a new channel surfing feature — Channel Switcher — that lets users easily flip through previews of a bunch of different streams to help them find something to watch.

And, you will not see advertisements while using it, reports The Verge.

As per the report, Channel Switcher looks like it will be a much quicker way to check out many different streamers.

Users will be able to watch a 60-second preview of a stream before having to decide to click through or watch another channel, according to Twitch spokesperson Ashton Williams.

Williams said that “only a small percentage of users who are logged in” currently have access, and those who get it have been randomly selected.

The experiment will be turned off in the middle of July so the company can analyze the results of the test, but the spokesperson noted that Twitch plans to work on future iterations and may offer an opt-in version of the feature.

The company also announced new features, including a new tool that makes it easier for streamers to add guests to their stream called Guest Star and the ability to create your own tags.

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