Water main break floods Briarforest neighborhood for hours

HOUSTON – In contrast to what looked like a monsoon flooding on two streets in the Briarforest neighborhood Monday, people complained inside their homes were like a drought.

“It looked like Niagara Falls,” said Susan Lake, whose yard and driveway were overflowing.

The wet wonder wasn’t courtesy of Mother Nature. Instead, the city of Houston’s Public Works department said the water gushing up out of Susan Lake’s property on Briar Forest and Ashford was due to a 12-inch water main break that may have resulted from a city crew excavating around it for some needed underground work on Friday.

Lake, who has lived in her home since 1989, woke up almost feeling like she lived in one.

“The police were knocking at my door making sure I was ok. The side door is all mud and slippery, so I couldn’t get out there,” Lake said.

After leaving through another door, Lake said she saw some of her property being washed away.


“All my plants are gone. I don’t know how much dirt has washed off the ground. I don’t know what’s under the driveway,” Lake said.

As wet as it was on the street, neighbors who live there and up to several blocks away said the issue left them with little to no water pressure inside their homes.

Noel Rushin and his family decided to take advantage of the wasted water and put it to good use on his lawn.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to water the grass for a little while once they get to fixing things. The bucket brigade is going to go to town and see if we can’t get things, keep it alive a little longer,” Rushin said.

Meanwhile, other neighbors flooded the city with phone calls.

After KPRC2 called as well, a crew arrived within minutes and started working on the issue.

“It’s always nice to have a little break in the monotony of life and all, but it will be good to get things under control again,” Rushin said.


KPRC 2 spotted crews working well into the nighttime hours. At last check, the flooded areas had dried out.

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