Wordle is addressing its biggest weakness

Soon you won’t have to worry about losing your streak when switching devices

How obsessive a Wordle player are you? Do you keep your carefully curated list of starting words secret, lest your friends gain an unfair advantage? Is your day-to-day vocabulary starting to drop all those useless longer-than-five-letter words? Maybe most importantly: what’s your streak? The only thing worse than an unignified five-guess win is missing a day entirely — and that’s not a situation helped any if you’re juggling multiple devices. Thankfully, Wordle is planning to do something about that.

Instead of recording separate play statistics on your phone, tablet, laptop, and wherever you access Wordle, you’ll soon be able to sync your progress across devices through a New York Times account. If you don’t already have one, they’re free to create, and if you’re already a registered NYT user, you can easily connect Wordle to your existing account.


Much like submitting a Wordle guess itself, this process is one-way and permanent — no take-backsies or do-overs here. So if you’re already working with Wordle across a bunch of different hardware, make sure you take a moment to think about which one of these you want to represent your official stats going forward.

The New York Times doesn’t offer a precise timetable for the arrival of this sync support, but the language it uses in its announcement does suggest we’ll be able to start linking things up reasonably soon.

If this official linked-to-your-account record-keeping has you feeling a little nervous about how strong a Wordle player you are these days — or if you’ve just gotten a little out of practice — check out some of our Wordle tips and tricks for all the best advice on how to optimize your strategy.

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